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    PRINCE2® Practitioner Online Premium | English
    Maxpert Online Campus

    PRINCE2 Practitioner webbased Training + Virtual Classroom Training + In-practice Presence Training

    Included in Training Price:

    • 12 Month access to the Maxpert AcademyPDUs für PMI | ITIL Foundation English Training
    • Original PRINCE2 Manual "Managing Successful Programmes" (PDF)
    • A 15-hours webbased animated Training course
    • Five 2-hours Virtual Classroom Trainings Sessions (Scenario Excercise)
    • PRINCE2 transfer-into-practice Presence Day at the Maxpert Training Center
    • Exam simulator for controlling your learning progress
    • Audiobook and Whitepaper
    • Access to the Maxpert Academy Social Community Channels
    • Use of th Gamifaication techniques
    • Up to 19,5 PDUs for Maintaining the PMI-Certification (More Info Tab "Inhalt")

    Training Price:  € 1.190,- VAT excl.
    Exam fee for Exams until 31.12.2017:  € 320,- VAT excl.

    Increase of the Exam Fees by AXELOS from 01.01.2018Weitere Infos zur Preiserhöhung
    Exam Fee for Exams from 01.01.2018: € 350,- VAT excl.

    Introduction to the "PRINCE2 Practitioner Online Pro and Premium" Training

    LogIn Page Maxpert Online Campus

    Log-In-Seite Maxpert Akademie


    For 12 monthes you ecome a member of our Maxpert Academy! This means in particular:

    • Learn completely self-organized and flexible. Our learning concepts are based on the latest research in learning psychologies and supports you in efficient knowledge construction.
    • Learn according to your personal learning preferences, by embedding different learning formats and media.
    • Learn in cooperation and collaboration with your learning group, our trainers and topic specific in our "Communities of Practice".
    • Gamified learning by using different gamification elements. We bring the fun back to learning!

    Our webbased PRINCE2 Practitioner Online Training builds upon your knowledge from the PRINCE2 Foundation training and provides you with the functionality, interaction and application of PRINCE2 Framworks, its principles, processes and topics in 12 sections. Exactly the knowledge you need for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

    The learning progress control is carried out by an exam simulator which is based on sample examination questions of the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination.

    In addition to the PRINCE2 Practitioner Online Plus Training, this variant includes a 1-day in-practice face-to-face training at the Maxpert Training Center. The content of this day, which is held by an accredited trainer of the Maxpert, is an intensive discussion of the participants om the transformation of the PRINCE2 theory into the operational practice.

    Furthermore, there are additional supporting learning materials, such as Audiofiles and Whitepaper, which you can download as required. Through the various communication channels, such as learning group chat, expert chat and the "Communities of Practice", you can enter in a direct exchange with the other member of the Maxpert Academy.


    "Putting online learning into learning psycological education"

    Digitisation is currently taking place and a wide range of offerings for digitised learning solutions can be found. But where's the difference between them?

    Research in learning psychology is looking for answers to the questions: What should a state-of-the art elearning look like, to offer a learning the best learning experience possible?

    Some key findings can already be shared:

    • Social Learning: Participants in online courses should be given the possibility for networking, getting in touch with each other and share knowledge (Department of Education, 2014)
    • Gamification: applying game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts can increase motivation and learning success (Herger, 2014)
    • Consider learning preferences: Taking the interindividual learning preferences into account and offering a diverse set of learning material can have a significant effect on the learners motivation (Mandl & Hense, 2014).

    The Maxpert Academy is set-up accoring to these findings and offers state-of-the-art learning formats. It combines the fulfilment of learning theoretical requirements with modern media to a digital worlf of learning, that goes far beyond communicating course content!

    So that's the difference.


    The PRINCE2 Practitioner Online training is an intensive online training parted in 12 sections, deepening your basic knowledge in PRINCE2 and preparing you for the PRINCE2 Practitioner online exam:

    • Introduction
    • Exam technique and how to use the manual
    • Processes SU and IP
    • Processes CS and MP
    • Processes DP, SB and CP
    • Business Case
    • Organization
    • Quality Theme
    • Plans Theme
    • Risk Theme
    • Change Theme
    • Progress Theme

    In addition to web-based training, you will be taking part in five two-hour Virtual Classroom sessions as well as on a one-day in-practice face-to-face training with an accredited PRINCE2 trainer from Maxpert.

    In the Virtual Classroom sessions, you work under the guidance of a Maxpert PRINCE2 trainer and together with other participants on a PRINCE2 scenario and prepare yourself thereby optimally for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. During the one-day in-practice training course, you will intensively discuss the questions of transforming the PRINCE2 theory into the operational practice.

    In addition, you will find a number of other learning materials, such as white papers and audio files, which you can download as required.

    As a member of the Maxpert Academy's digital learning groups, you will also have access to learning group chats, expert chat with Maxpert trainers, and communities of practice that allows you an intensiv exchange with the other memebers on specific topics such as how to transfer the method into practice .

    This seminar "PRINCE2 Practitioner Online Premium" enables you to

    After this seminar, you will be able to answer the following questions in your business practice:

    • How to recognize a successful PRINCE2 Project?
    • What principles are to be applied?
    • How to start up a project?
    • Who directs the project?
    • What are the different planning approaches?
    • Who bears what kind of responsibilities in the project management team?
    • How to control a project successfully?
    • How to escalate properly?
    • What to do at the end of a Stage?
    • What to do about risks and how to manage them?
    • How to manage open issues?
    • What is quality?
    • How to reach the agreed quality through good Project Management?


    • Project Managers, Project Personnel
    • Managers and Executives of Change Projects
    • Managers and Executives of Project- and Programme-Management Offices
    • Managers and Executives of project support and – assurance
    • PMBoK/PMI or IPMA/GPM certified Project Personnel


    • The PRINCE2 Foundation Certificat is indispensable.

    PMI®-Rezertifizierung | PDU´s

    For taking part at the "PRINCE2 Practitioner Online Premium" Training you earn the following PDUs for Maintaining your PMI Certification:

    Certificate: PMP® und PgMP®

    • Technical PDUs: 16,5
    • Strategic PDUs: 3,0
    • Total PDUs: 19,5

    Certificat: PMI-RMP®

    • Technical PDUs: 2,0
    • Strategic PDUs: 3,0
    • Total PDUs: 5,0

    The Certificates PfMP®, PMI-SP®, PMI-ACP® und PMI-PBA® earn 3,0 PDUs in the Category "Strategic".

    Maxpert PRINCE2-Akkreditierung durch die APMG International.
    Maxpert PRINCE2-Akkreditierung durch die APMG International.

    PRINCE2® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All Rights reserved. The Swirl logo™ is a Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All Rights reserved.

    PMI (Project Management Institute), PMP (Project Management Professional), PgMP (Program Management Professional), PfMP (Portfolio Management Professional), PMI-SP (PMI Scheduling Professional), PMI-RMP (PMI Risk Management Professional), PMI-ACP (PMI Agile Certified Practitioner), PMI-PBA (PMI Professional in Business Analysis) are Registered Marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc..

    Remote Proctor Now

    The PRINCE2 Foundation Certificat is indispensable.

    We use the official online method of the APMG four our PRINCE2 Practitioner Online Exams. Thus you have the possibilities to sit the exam round the clock seven days a week. All you need is an internet connection.

    To use the Remote ProctorU method you must fulfil a set of requirements.
    We compiled all requirements and required activities for in the attached documentation:

    Online Exam (Remote ProctorU) – Manual and Requirements

    PRINCE2 Practitioner Online Exam

    • 150 minute multiple-choice test
    • The exam is scenario based and will provide further information on specific exam questions
    • Eight blocks of questions, regarding PRINCE2-processes, -themes and –principles
    • 10 points per block
    • The pass mark is at 55% (44 out of 80 points)
    • PRINCE2 Handbook is allowed as an auxiliary

    Examination Language

    • English

    We also offer this training in German. Please click here to find the Training PRINCE2 Practitioner Online Premium - German

    Examination Institute:

    • AMP Group

    Maxpert is officially accredited for this seminar.

    Training Preis/€ Angebot / Buchung
    PRINCE2® Practitioner Online Premium - Englisch (12 Monate Zugang zur Maxpert Academy) 1.190,00
    Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® (OGC) - E-Book - Englisch (Adobe Digital Editions erforderlich. Einzelplatzlizenz)
    ISBN: 9780113312023
    Preis: € 0,00 zzgl. MwSt.
    Sprache: Englisch


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