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APM Project Qualification

Expand your project-managment skills today

This training course has been created for companies , organisations and individuals that wish to expand their project management skills.

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification

For those wanting a broad understanding of the principles of project management. All the way from understanding basic concepts, planning a project, managing resources, scope, risk, or controlling a project. With this e-learning training you will gain an internationally recognized qualification that provides the foundation for further training and qualifications in the expanding project management field.

APM Project Management Qualification

With this qualification, you will be able to handle today's ever-changing and complex modern projects. This engaging e-learning teaches proactive people management, project strategy and approach, as well as the use of tried-and-true commercial and project management approaches. From getting started to backgrounds such as project life cycles, stakeholder management, and planning to the best preparation for your certification, we have you covered.

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