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    Project Management Associate English (PMA) - 2 Days

    Are you looking for a cross-method introduction to project management for your employees? This training is the one for you!

    Your advantages - what sets us apart:
    • Unique training worldwide - only bookable at Maxpert
    • An overview of the best-known project management methods
    • Online LIVE: 30 days free e-learning access
    • Strong focus on practical transfer for maximum applicability in everyday working life
    • More flexibility and dynamic formats for in-house trainings
    Launch discount
    € 750,- zzgl. Mwst.
    € 690,- zzgl. Mwst.
    Optional Services
    • Examination fee and certificate: € 55,- VAT excl.

    Content – What do you learn in the training?

    This training enables your employees to develop extended project expertise - from traditional waterfall methods such as PMI, PRINCE2 or GPM to agile approaches such as Scrum or Kanban. Book the training now to enable them to establish better collaboration and communication across team boundaries. We show our participants a methodical guide that enables them to gain a deeper understanding of project work in day-to-day business and increase the effectiveness of collaboration.

    This is how you benefit as an HR business partner:

    • Sustainable cross-organisational understanding of the roles of various methods
    • Increased employee satisfaction and loyalty
    • Targeted personnel development of your team
    • Highly competent and experienced training management

    Successful introduction of projects for PMOs:

    • Smooth introduction and establishment of project management
    • Implementation of a common grammar for project processes
    • Risk minimisation. Project delays and errors are avoided
    • Increased team productivity and a better overall understanding

    In just two days and four modules, we provide our participants with a comprehensive understanding of project management and enable them to take their first steps as project managers. We offer your employees the opportunity to verify their newly acquired knowledge in the form of a certificate following an examination.

    If you book in-house training, you have the option of customising the training to suit your needs. In our in-house training courses, we place particular emphasis on effective practical transfer - always tailored to your needs.


    Aim of the training – What benefit do I get from the training?

    • Increased efficiency: By teaching a cross-method glossary, training participants will be able to plan, implement and finalise projects more efficiently, regardless of the project management method used. This leads to time and cost savings for your organisation.
    • Improved project performance: Employees with a broad understanding of different project management approaches are better able to cope with the demands and challenges of different projects. This can lead to improved project performance and a higher success rate.
    • Flexibility and adaptability: A cross-method glossary enables your employees to navigate flexibly between different project management approaches and adapt them to the specific requirements of a project. This promotes the adaptability of teams and enables your organisation to adapt quickly to changing conditions.
    • Promote individual development: PMA serves as a compass for the individual, professional and personal development of our participants. Your employees can continuously improve their knowledge and skills in project management, which can lead to greater employee satisfaction and loyalty in the long term.
    • Better collaboration and communication: A common knowledge base about different project management concepts facilitates collaboration and communication within teams as well as with other departments or external partners. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and increase the effectiveness of collaboration.
    • Competitive advantage: Companies whose employees have in-depth knowledge of various project management methods have a competitive advantage. They are better positioned to successfully carry out complex projects and hold their own in a dynamic market environment.
    • Risk minimisation: A comprehensive understanding of different project management approaches enables you to identify potential risks at an early stage and take appropriate measures to minimise them. This helps to avoid project delays and errors associated with inadequate project management.


    Training focus – What is covered in the training?

    Module 1: Optimum preparation is crucial for project success!

    • What is a project?
    • When is a project successful?
    • When do I use waterfall, agile or hybrid methods?

    Module 2: How do waterfall projects work?

    • What are waterfall methods and what are they suitable for?
    • How are plan-driven (waterfall) projects managed?
    • How sustainable are these methods and where do they fit in?

    Module 3: Why are agile projects on everyone's lips?

    • What is agile? And what is it suitable for?
    • What are the advantages and benefits of agile projects?
    • What are the benefits of adaptive approaches for our projects?

    Module 4: The project is over - what comes next?

    • How do you bring projects to a successful conclusion?
    • What comes after the end of the project?
    • How do we organise future projects?


    Target group – Who should attend the training?

    The Project Management Associate course is the perfect introduction for all project staff who want to gain a common understanding of projects in order to make your organisation even more successful.

    The course is suitable for anyone who wants a structured, method-independent overview in order to optimize the working structures in their own company or team. Lateral entrants and experts are equally welcome; however, the training is primarily designed as a starting point for the topic of project management.



    With over 30 years of experience in project management, we know exactly how effective project management training courses need to be structured in order to optimally prepare our participants to apply their new knowledge in their everyday work.


    1. Day 10.00 - 18.00 Uhr
    2. Day 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr



    Practical knowledge and project management experience are not required, but will of course make it easier for you to categorize what you have learned.



    Exam details:



    • You have 30 minutes
    • The exam consists of a total of 30 questions in multiple-choice format
    • To pass, you must answer 60% or 18 of the questions correctly
    • Available exam languages: German & English
    • The exam takes place online
    • The certificate is valid for life

    Upon passing the exam, participants receive the exclusive Project Manager Associate certificate. As this is the first in-house Maxpert certificate, we are particularly proud to be able to offer you this certification. After more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we have bundled our expertise into this compact training package. The Project Manager Associate certification is a seal of quality that allows us to present this expertise in an appropriate fashion.

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    working @ home /

    working @ home /

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    Sie möchten mehrere Mitarbeiter gleichzeitig ausbilden? Kein Problem. Wir bieten Ihnen all unsere Schulungen auch als Inhouse-Schulungen an.

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