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Agile Business Analyst Foundation & Practitioner E-Learning | English

This course covers both the Foundation and Practitioner syllabi for AgileBA. The BA Foundation & Practitioner course offers a quick path to transitioning into fully qualified AgileBA practitioners.

Included in Training Price:

  • 3 months access to the MaxLearning Academy
  • 30+ hours of online training content
  • Access to the Maxpert Academy's Social
    Communication Channels
  • Accessible through multiple devices

Training Price from: € 740,- VAT excl.
Exam fee: € 600,- VAT excl.


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Agile Business Analyst (AgileBA) is a leading framework popular with both prospective and experienced business analysts. Alongside the Agile methodology itself, business analysis has become far more popular over the last few decades. BAs are able to keep projects under control and fully aligned with strategic objectives whilst also helping evolve various business elements in line with changing requirements and new opportunities. However, Agile environments have a number of unique features that can complicate the work of a business analyst. This is exactly where AgileBA comes in.

This course is designed to help students become fully certified in AgileBA as quickly and efficiently as possible. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the framework before using a detailed case study to demonstrate how to apply and adapt AgileBA in practice. This approach not only helps students to pass their exams, but it also trains them to begin utilizing their training in daily work. Passing the AgileBA Foundation and AgileBA Practitioner exams can also help successful students to pursue high-paying job roles in a number of industries.

Benefits for Individuals

AgileBA is a comprehensive and increasingly popular framework in the world of business analysis. Becoming certified in AgileBA can easily help a candidate stand out, especially with related frameworks like AgilePM experiencing their own booms in popularity. Once a practitioner has enough experience with AgileBA, they will also find it far easier to progress to higher-paying business analyst roles.

Benefits for Organizations

AgileBA is the ideal framework for businesses that want to fully embrace Agile ways of working. Based on the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), AgileBA acknowledges and compensates for any drawbacks within the methodology. It helps business analysts keep projects on track in terms of strategic business alignment, expenditure, and deadlines, giving managers a level of control not usually seen in Agile environments.This course offers a quick path for turning employees into fully qualified AgileBA practitioners. It demonstrates how to adapt and apply elements like stakeholder analysis, prioritization, and customer journeys in practice. Training alongside coworkers and other practitioners also makes it easier for students to retain what they learn while also making sure everyone becomes familiar with the terminology and best practices of AgileBA.

Prior knowledge

There are no prerequisites for sitting the Agile Business Analyst (AgileBA) Foundation exam.  To sit the Agile Business Analyst (AgileBA) Practitioner certification exam, a student must first pass the Foundation-level exam.


This course comes with FREE vouchers that can be used to take the official AgileBA Foundation and Practitioner certification exams. The exams can be taken online via a service provided by ProctorU.

AgileBA Foundation exam format:

  • This is a multiple-choice exam consisting of 50 questions
  • There is a time limit of 40 minutes to complete the exam
  • The exam is closed book, with only the provided materials being permitted for use
  • The pass mark for the exam is 50%: you must get 25 out of 50 questions correct

AgileBA Practitioner exam format:

  • This is a complex multiple-choice exam
  • There are four questions per paper
  • Each question offers 20 marks
  • To pass, candidates must score at least 50% (40 marks out of 80)
  • The exam lasts 2.5 hours (150 minutes)
  • The exam is open-book (AgileBA Handbook only)

Examination institute

  • APMG
Training Price/€ Offer / Booking
Agile Business Analyst (AgileBA®) Foundation & Practitioner  E-Learning - Englisch (3 Monate Zugang zur Maxpert Akademie) 740,00


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