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    Lean Management E-Learning | English

    Lean Management eLearning Basic - English

    Your advantages - what sets us apart:
    • 3 Months access to the MaxLearning Academy (Laufzeit beginnt mit Mail-Erhalt.)
    • Practical training with many exercises and examples
    • Modern training methods and high quality training materials
    • Access to the Maxpert Akademie social community channels
    • 40 learning videos with a total length of approx. 3.5 hours
    Training Price
    € 99,- excl. VAT

    Content – What do you learn in the training?

    Lean Management:

    • Introduction Lean Management
    • History of Lean Managements


    • Value stream (Work in process)
    • Fishbone diagram for root cause analysis
    • 8 types of waste (Muda)
    • The 5S method in an office/production
    • Fault-tolerant processes and products with Poka Yoke
    • Application of lean methods for the development of target processes
    • Kaizen as a method for the continuous improvement of daily business processes
    • Project management basics for the efficient implementation of optimization measures
    • Selection of the right key figures to set up a continuous process management
    • Establishment of a performance management system (Kanban Board)

    Aim of the training – What benefit do I get from the training?

    In this practical Lean Management E-Learning you will learn about the concept and application of Lean Management by means of theory, exercises and practical examples. Our trainer with many years of project experience supports the transfer of knowledge.
    With the learned methods and tools you are a valuable team member for future projects.
    You become a member of the MaxLearning Academy for three months. This means:

    • completely flexible and self-organized learning using scientifically based learning concepts that efficiently support your knowledge construction,
    • learning according to your individual learning preferences, by integrating a wide variety of learning formats and media types,
    • learn in exchange with your learning group and the Maxpert trainers in topic-specific course forums

    Our video-based "Lean Management E-Learning Basic"-training teaches comprehensively, with many exercises and examples, the concept and application of Lean Management. Afterwards, you will be able to successfully support improvement measures in your company with the tools you have learned.
    The training contains 16 learning videos with a total length of approx. 2 hours. The learning objectives are checked via quizzes at the end of the course.
    After the three months, your membership ends automatically.

    Target group – Who should attend the training?

    • Define and describe the key lean management principles and methods.
    • To properly use the tools for continuous improvement of processes.

    The training is aimed at project managers and process managers who want to use the lean management method to optimize business processes and establish a continuous improvement process (CIP).


    Putting online learning into learning psycological education.

    Digitisation is currently taking place and a wide range of offerings for digitised learning solutions can be found. But where's the difference between them?

    Research in learning psychology is looking for answers to the questions: What should a state-of-the art elearning look like, to offer a learning the best learning experience possible?

    Some key findings can already be shared:

    • Social Learning: Participants in online courses should be given the possibility for networking, getting in touch with each other and share knowledge (Department of Education, 2014)
    • Gamification: applying game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts can increase motivation and learning success (Herger, 2014)
    • Consider learning preferences: Taking the interindividual learning preferences into account and offering a diverse set of learning material can have a significant effect on the learners motivation (Mandl & Hense, 2014).

    The Maxpert Academy is set-up accoring to these findings and offers state-of-the-art learning formats. It combines the fulfilment of learning theoretical requirements with modern media to a digital worlf of learning, that goes far beyond communicating course content!

    So that's the difference.

    Training Price/€ Offer / Booking
    Lean Management E-Learning Basic - Englisch (3 Monate Zugang zur Maxpert Akademie) 99,00