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    Scrum E-Learning - Storytelling | English
    Maxpert Online Campus

    Scrum E-Learning - Storytelling (3 months access to the Maxpert Academy)

    Your advantages - what sets us apart:
    • 3 Months access to the MaxLearning Academy (Term begins with mail receipt.)
    • exciting Scrum explanatory videos
    • Exam simulator for learning progress control
    • Audio book and white paper for download
    • Use of gamification techniques
    • Up to 13 PDUs for PMI Certified
    Training Price
    € 290,- excl. VAT

    Content – What do you learn in the training?

    The Scrum learning videos cover the following content:

    • What is Scrum and what is agile project management?
    • Scrum theory
      • How does SCRUM work, what are the principles and how does SCRUM differ from conventional project management methods?
    • Scrum Framework and Meetings
      • ​What does time-boxed mean, what are the roles, rules and meetings and what are the artefacts?
    • Scrum and changes
      • ​How do you deal with changes in SCRUM?
    • Scrum and Total Cost of Ownership
      • How is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) measured and optimised?
    • Scrum Teams
      • ​How are SCRUM teams organised?
    • Lean Planning
      • How is planning done according to SCRUM?

    • Value Driven Management
      • ​How to achieve the most value in a sprint?
    • Scrum Progress
      • How or what can be predicted in SCRUM?
    • Scrum Risk Management
      • What are the risks of SCRUM and how does SCRUM help to minimise project risks?
    • Scrum Reporting
      • ​What reports are there and how are they reported?
    • Scaling Scrum : scrum of scrums.
      • Can SCRUM be used for several teams and what are the limits of SCRUM?
    • Scrum in combination with other methods:
      • How can SCRUM be combined with other methods such as PRINCE2®, PMBOK® Guide, PM3 or ITIL®?

    In addition, you are a member of the digital learning groups of the MaxLearning Academy and gain access to social learning channels that enable a topic-specific exchange between members on topics such as the transfer of the method into practice.

    The training "Scrum Online Basic enables you to:

    • The training "Scrum Online Basic enables you to
    • Know where and how Scrum can be used in your organisation.
    • You know all the principles that need to be observed.
    • You know who has which responsibilities within the SCRUM team.
    • You know how SCRUM can be scaled and combined with other methods.

    Aim of the training – What benefit do I get from the training?

    The Beyond the Gates of Space & Time scenario:

    Arthur can't take it anymore. In the year 2049, there is nothing left for lovers of handmade rock & roll and real passion in music. He has to leave. So what to do?

    By chance, a top-secret document falls into his hands, which he interprets as instructions for building a time machine. And right next to it lies a slightly yellowed scrum guide. Without further ado, he decides to make his dream come true and entrusts his team, publicly represented by our Scrum Master Frannie, with the development.

    What a crazy adventure! Join Frannie and her team as they develop their time machine, learning about the Scrum framework in detail along this groundbreaking innovation and helping to send Arthur back to Ziggy Stardust and Pink Floyd concerts.

    You will become a member of the Maxpert Academy for three months. This means:

    • fully flexible and self-organised learning using scientifically based learning concepts that efficiently support your knowledge construction,
    • learning according to your individual learning preferences, by integrating a wide variety of learning formats and media types,
    • learning in exchange with your learning group and the Maxpert trainers, via chats or topic-specific in the "Communities of Practice", playful learning, through the use of a wide range of gamification techniques.

    Our scenario-based " SCRUM MASTER & PRODUCT OWNER (PSM I, PSPO I) ONLINE BASIC" training comprehensively conveys the structure and interrelationships of the Scrum framework. You will learn the basics of Scrum and agile working, the accountabilities in the Scrum team, the events and the artefacts of Scrum and everything that makes Scrum so successful.

    The Scrum online training contains 42 scenario-based video chapters with several hours of playing time. The learning objectives are checked via an exam simulator, which prepares you in the best possible way for your real exam. In addition, further supporting learning materials are available to you, such as audio files and white papers.

    Via the various communication channels such as learning group chat, expert chat and the "Communities of Practice", you can enter into direct exchange with the other members of the Maxpert Academy.

    Your membership in the Maxpert Academy ends automatically after three months.


    "Putting Online Trainings into learn-psycological education".

    Digitalisation is in full swing, the offers for online trainings are manifold. But what makes the difference between these offers?

    Research in learning psychology is intensively addressing the question: how should a contemporary e-learning system be structured to provide the best possible learning experience for learners?

    The findings so far are:

    • Social Learning: Participants in online courses should be able to network with each other and engage in exchange (Department of Education).
    • Gamification: The transfer of game-typical elements and processes into non-game contexts leads to faster learning success and increased motivation (Herger, 2014).
    • Content design according to learning preferences: Taking diversity and interindividuality into account in the preferred teaching media can contribute significantly to increasing motivation (Mandl & Hense, 2014).

    The Maxpert Academy is designed according to these scientific findings and offers the most modern learning formats. It combines learning theory requirements with the latest media to create a digital learning world that goes far beyond the mere teaching of course content.

    That makes the difference.


    Maxpert GmbH is an authorised training partner of the PMI.
    For participating in the "Scrum Online Basic" training, PMI-certified persons receive the following PDUs as part of their PMI recertification:

    Certification: PMP®, PgMP® and CAPM® and PMI-ACP®.

    • Technical PDUs: 12.0
    • Leadership PDUs: 1.0
    • Total PDUs: 13.0

    The PMI-RMP®, PfMP®, PMI-SP® and PMI-PBA® certifications receive 1.0 PDU in the Leadership category. The PMI-SP® and PMI-PBA® certifications receive 1.0 PDU, respectively 2.0 PDU (PMI-PBA®) in the category "Technical".

    Prior knowledge

    • Practical knowledge and experience in SCRUM is not required, but will facilitate the intended learning objectives.
    • To prepare for the training, we recommend that you read the official SCRUM Guide carefully before your training. For this purpose, the SCRUM Guide in English and the SCRUM Guide in German are available to you free of charge.


    You take your exam(s) online at scrum.org.

    You can order the exam voucher(s) from us at the same time as booking the training and we will then send you the voucher(s) by e-mail.

    SCRUM Exam PSM I (Professional SCRUM Master Level I)

    • Duration: 60 minutes
    • Format: Multiple choice and true/false questions
    • Minimum pass rate: 85
    • Language: English

    To access the PSM I exam, please click here: Start exam Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) on scrum.org

    SCRUM Exam PSPO I (Professional SCRUM Product Owner Level I)

    • Duration: 60 minutes
    • Format: Multiple choice and true/false questions
    • Minimum pass rate: 85
    • Language: English

    To access the PSPO I exam, please click here: Start exam Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I) on scrum.org

    Exam language

    • English

    Examination institute

    • scrum.org
    Training Price/€ Offer / Booking
    Scrum E-Learning - Storytelling (PSM I, PSPO I - 3 Monate Zugang zur Maxpert Akademie) 290,00


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